DDR Forum & Expo 2017

14 - 16 juin 2017

Type d’événement



Palais 11


The DDR Forum&Expo 2017 is the first European trade fair for ​demolition, decontamination and recycling activities.


Organized by the European demolition association (EDA), with the support of the main construction trade associations, the DDR Forum & Expo 2017 aims to link the demolition, decontamination and recycling activities with the Circular Economy. 

3 days, 16 workshops, 17 plenary sessions with unique contents and a strong business approach.

Be part of it, learn, make contacts and get ideas for your business.

We are joining forces to make an ideal event for our trade, an ideal event for you. It’s our industry, it’s our even​t

Consult more information or get registered for free at www.ddrexpo.com 

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