Special COVID-19: What are the preventive sanitary measures set up at Brussels Expo?

Our Covid measures

Health and safety matters at Brussels Expo! We respect the imposed sanitary measures but we also follow up as much as possible how event organizers, visitors, subcontractors and our own staff are aware and respect them.

Among all imposed and recommended measures, Brussels Expo is proud of its unprecedent investment, the worldwide biggest in surface in one single venue. The UV-C disinfection system purifies the ambient air of all exhibition halls, rooms, lavatories and common spaces. This exceptional investment is clearly approved by the medical and scientific community.

Special COVID-19: Are you reachable at the moment? May we visit your venue?

Yes, we are more than happy to answer of your questions and organize a site tour in our premises whenever you want and in the safest conditions.

Please feel to contact us by email: sales@brussels-expo.com. All information shall be provided.

Special COVID-19: What’s on Brussels Expo calendar?

Brussels Expo is up and running ! feel free to follow up the news and key information on the calendar.

May I bring my pet?

All animals are not allowed in the room, except for trained service animals and animals serving the disabled. Service animals are welcome in the room, but must be kept on a leash or harness at all times. Service animals will be allowed in the area where the disabled person is accommodated, rather than in the aisle. Any person who is unable to control their service animal or whose service animal becomes a threat to the safety of other spectators and employees of Palais 12 will be asked to escort their animal to the exit.

I came to an event at Brussels Expo and lost an item

Our teams systematically collect objects left behind and make every effort to contact the owner. If you have lost something in our buildings, please do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk.

How to get a tailormade offer to organize an event?

Contact our sales department.