29 April, 2016

A very symbolic edition of Seafood

Seafood 2016 was thronged with visitors at Brussels Expo this year, just one month after the terrorist attacks in the city.

The event was held as planned, thanks to the flexibility and exceptional management support put in place at Brussels Expo with the organisers, as well as the assistance of the public authorities.

The fact that the show went ahead, with a very significant number of exhibitors and visitors, was welcomed by the entire tourism sector. The whole region was delighted to see this international commercial event taking place in Brussels at all, filling the hotels and restaurants, at a time when our capital had not yet fully recovered from what it had experienced on 22nd March.

The accreditation procedures, security measures and shuttle arrangements to and from the city centre, as well as the communication efforts made at every level meant that none of the people and companies involved in the 2016 edition of the show was disappointed – quite the contrary in fact!