18 February, 2016

La Madeleine opens its doors

Hyphen Hyphen, LEJ, Fat White Family, Bloc Party, Recorders, Abd Al Malik, Boulevard des Airs, GiedRé, Oxmo Puccino, Dreamers ... The first confirmed names and bands say much about the ambitions of the new concert venue at 14 rue Duquesnoy - between the Mont des Arts and the Grand Place in the heart of the historic center of Brussels.

Varied and colorful, for everyone ... And that's not all, since stand-up artists, jazz musicians, music hall or event classical music ensembles will come soon enrich this programme.

A new cultural center thus opens in the heart of the city, and a new life begins for a room that history, authenticity and character make unique. In June 2015, the City of Brussels has indeed entrusted Brussels Expo with the operation of La Madeleine, for his expertise of some 80 years in infrastructure management, including Concert Hall 12, since September 2013.

The transformation of the Madeleine in a venue suited for concerts and shows of 250-1050 people (first phase) responds to the Brussels authorities’ commitment to reallocate a historic site, and to enrich the city with a new cultural location. "This extraordinary venue, in the very city center deserved a real project, strong and ambitious, designed to enhance the attractiveness of the city center," explains Philippe Close, Alderman of Finance and Tourism of the City of Brussels and Chairman of Brussels Expo.
" La Madeleine aims to accommodate shows at once intimate and public, indie and pop in the sense of" pop culture "of the term." Said Denis Gérardy, artistic director of La Madeleine.
The exceptional location of the room is a great asset. La Madeleine is located within two blocks of Central Station, there are car parks nearby, some of which offer a discount in the evening, a metro station, bus stops, restaurants, cafes, hotels ...
"The place has a rich history. This venue has a strong character that makes the public feel good. More than a concert, we are able to offer an experience that is both intimate and unique," says Bea Goedhuys , Director of Communications & Bookings La Madeleine