ROXANE | Cancelled

11 December 2022

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La Madeleine

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Cancellation of the Roxane show at La Madeleine


He loved her in silence, he suffered in secret...

He wrote songs in the shadows that someone else sang in the spotlight...

The most moving love story in French theatre told in 22 songs through the eyes of its heroine: Roxane

Roxane is the musical adaptation of Edmond Rostand's play, Cyrano de Bergerac, which is to this day the greatest success of the French theatre as well as a film that has become cult. Above all, it is a wonderful love story, a strong plot, characters with strong personalities, a story full of twists and turns and a shocking ending.

This musical project was lying dormant in the score boxes of Stéphane Brunello and Philippe Hattemberg, the two author-composers. Following their collaboration on the single "Nos Vallées" for the storm victims Alex, Gil Marsalla, producer and director from Nice, fell in love with the project at first hearing. They took advantage of the time the health crisis left them to work on a musical adaptation of the plot and characters of the play to a contemporary era and the world of live performance.


PHILIPPE HATTEMBERG is an author-composer.

He undertook an "atypical" career path, going through business studies, then commercial director to finally be on a publishing contract with EMI Publishing in 2001 for 6 years. He has collaborated with Dove Attia and Albert Cohen on Le Roi Soleil and Mozart l'Opéra Rock. He has written songs for Christophe Maé, Elodie Frégé, Star Academy, Nouvelle star...and has collaborated with André Manoukian.


Musician, songwriter, performer, arranger and producer from Nice, Stéphane Brunello is passionate to the core. A composer at heart, the songs of this song-writer from Nice have gone far beyond the regional borders, notably in the context of his collaborations with EMI, Sony and Warner (Le Roi Soleil - Christophe Maé - Elodie Frégé - Mozart l'Opéra Rock).

Guitarist and singer, Stéphane has also composed and released three solo albums which you can find on His latest album "Les belles années" was released in January 2020. He performs his songs on stages in the region and also regularly performs with his cover band "SPOON".

Stéphane produces, records and collaborates with many artists from the region in his recording studio.


Producer, artistic director, stage director, he has had many international successes such as Piaf! Le Spectacle, Formidable ! Aznavour, Paris! le Spectacle, Piaf Symphonique etc. He is also the producer and director of many artists and manages multiple festivals in the South of France.

His company Directo Productions produces and directs more than 500 shows and events per year. In 2019, he received the Prix de l'Audace Entrepreneuriale awarded by the CCI Côte d'Azur. Since 2015, he is the largest French exporter of shows in the world (Source: Bureau Export France).

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