3 July 2022

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Brussels Expo

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On 3 July 2022, Arena5 will vibrate to the timeless, exotic electro-waves of the French duo Polo & Pan. The extremely danceable melodies created by Parisians Paul Armand-Delille and Alexandre Grynszpan transport you into a Hollywood film of the Golden Age - from a romantic thriller in Saint-Tropez to a blossoming summer romance in Rio de Janeiro. Their inimitable and infectious sound playfully blends house, disco and electro with a French touch, making them one of the most captivating acts in dance music right now! 

"…Funky yet suave, uniquely fun… A blend that invites both surprise and enchantment.” - The New Yorker

When the two Frenchmen met in Paris’ legendary Le Baron nightclub in 2012, much of their musical DNA had already been encoded. Electronic music had become static and devoid of character over the years - the polar opposite of Polo & Pan’s music. They created their own variation on what they felt electronic music should sound like, without fitting any particular mould. The pair improvises a great deal, which helps bring their music to life in an adventurous and particularly lively way. This vibe is also evident in their videos, and in the album covers for 'Caravelle’, 'Feel Good’ and 'Cyclorama’: all of them are graphic gems made up of bright colours and flowing lines.

"Leaders of joyful electronic music … the duo invites you to travel with a joyful melancholy.” - Le Monde

While tracks like 'Canopée' and 'Dorothy' are essential at any rooftop or beach party, their live shows are what takes them to a higher level. Linen suits, playful theatrics, swaying palm trees, golden-voiced sirens and a hefty dose of pan pipes: these are all ingredients that bring a Polo & Pan live performance to life. Take one look at the dancefloor on one of their sold-out US tours or at major festivals and you will see beaming faces and sheer joy all around you.

2020 took Polo & Pan into new territory. The 'Home Sweet Home' mix tape shows influences ranging from Joao Gilberto to Beethoven. The single 'Feel Good' and accompanying Feel Good EP feature richer textures, more complex emotions and Armand-Delille’s first foray as a vocalist. But the sound and feel of the music on the dancefloor is uncompromising, inimitable, and unquestionably Polo & Pan. As is their latest record 'Cyclorama’ (2021).

Get ready for a dazzling trip through the wondrous world of Polo & Pan on 3 July 2022 at Arena5! 

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