29 March 2023

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La Madeleine

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Multi talented instrumentalist Mezerg is a pioneer of modern music technology and one of the most creative musicians you’re likely to come across. Hands and feet linked to his instrument, he makes electronic music from unexpected elements, with rhythms that ranged from funk to acid techno, improvising with keyboards, effects pedals and the theremin which has become emblematic of his project. Mezerg merges the electronic with the acoustic to create an impressive and unique live performance that you can’t take your eyes off. Somewhere between house music and an acoustic performance, this nightlife one-man band pays homage to both the jazz bars and the nightclubs of this world with a whirlwind of energy and irresistible sounds.
After a triomphal tour in 2022 he is ready to bring back his unique sound across the US this fall and all over Europe early 2023 !
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