Machineering 2019

27 - 29 March 2019

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Hall 5

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What is Machineering?

After 3 editions of MTMS-Machineering, we have come full circle. The systematic transformation that the Invent Media team had in mind, as 2020 approaches, to shift to Machineering is finally complete. The term Machineering, which combines Machines and Engineering, was first discretely introduced as a title element in 2015. In 2017, the term was used significantly more often in the show. The 3rd edition welcomed 7,113 visitors and 165 exhibitors and was quite a successful industry fair considering the Belgian market standards and potential.
This 4th edition, Machineering 2019, will build on previous success factors.

Why Machineering?
Why was Machineering chosen as both brand name and title? Belgium may be a country that counts far fewer medium and large-sized companies than our neighbours to the north, but it definitely does not lack technology for mechanical engineering, mechatronics and materials transformation. Machineering is the perfect term for everything connected to machining technology and the intrinsically linked product engineering. In short, Machineering is an original and trendy term that stands for ‘smart manufacturing and engineering’.

Machines, Tools, Materials & Solutions for Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering
The MTMS (Machines, Tools, Materials & Solutions for Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering) subtitle provides further information about the offering showcased at this manufacturing technology show. Machines, Tools, Materials & Solutions are the 4 keywords you will come across along the 10 routes that are announced for the 2019 edition.

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