8 October 2022

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La Madeleine

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Pour des raisons indépendantes de notre volonté, nous avons le regret de vous annoncer l’annulation du concert de LAETI prévu le 8/10/2022 à La Madeleine à Bruxelles.

Nous invitons les personnes ayant un billet à se rapprocher de leurs points de vente pour les demandes de remboursement.

Nous sommes désolés de ce contre-temps et de la gêne occasionnée par cette annulation.

Laeti, or real name Laetitia Kerfa, is the star rapper of the series VALIDÉ. Franck Gastambide decided to bet on the promising young artist for the second season of the iconic series.
Aged 24, Laeti grew up in a working class environment in the north of Paris and was quickly drawn to rap - "One day I saw a friend rapping in the library and it made me want to try it" she explains. She developed an ear for music, but also found it a refuge. In high school, her passion for music became more and more important.
A rapper from various backgrounds and a complete artist, Laeti also tried her hand at theatre, before sealing her fate in the world of rap.
The video for her first single "Rider toute la night" amassed over two million views in less than two weeks. So just like this hit, her future is more than promising.
Without a doubt, Laeti will enjoy the same success as her predecessor Hatik. She now has a powerful resource to get her name out in French rap scene.

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