22 October 2022

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Ghali Amdouni, better known as Ghali, is an Italian rapper with Tunisian parents born in Milan in 1993. He’s the icon of the new Italian young generation, thanks to his culture mix, his lyrics in Italian, French and Arabic and the blend of authentic European and MENA sounds. His international collabs include Stormzy, Ed Sheeran, Noizy, Soprano, Lacrim, SoolKing and Mr Eazi. Between 2014 and 2016 he published on Youtube several songs that gradually led him to an increased popularity; today his Youtube account boasts over two and a half millions subscribers. On the 26thof May 2017 he published his first album titled Albumwith StoRecords an independent label founded by Ghali himself. The album was the fifth most sold record of the year, was awarded three platinum certificationsand it includes some of the most iconic songs of his early career such as Habibi, Ninna Nanna(both 3xPLATINUM), Pizza Kebaband Ricchi Dentro(both 2xPLATINUM) On the 26 Jannuary 2018 Ghalireleased his single Cara Italia, an instant classic that toppled the astonishing number of 128 milion views on youtube, was awarded three platinumcertifications and maintained the title of most played song on the radio for several months. The breakthrough of Cara Italiawas a pivotal point for Ghali’s career certifying his entrance in the very exclusive club of Italian artists recognizedand appreciatedabroad.In November 2017 Ghali closed his first official tour“Dai Palazzi ai Palazzetti” (literally –from the suburbs to the arenas) with a sold out date in Rome. The tour, 12 performances in the biggest arenas of the countrywas appreciated both by critiques and fans because of its abilityto be both intimate and theatrical but also energetic and capturing. In 2019 Ghali returns to publish music with the single I Love you, presented inside the prison of San Vittore, that anticipated his first European tourwhere Ghali performed in the most significant festivalsof the continent(Tomorrowland, Wireless festival, Lollapalooza)confirming the international inspiration and resonance of his music. In the summer of 2019, in the brief pauses from the tour, Ghali also records and publishes Turbococcoand Hasta La Vista, two songs that well represent two aspects of Ghali’s production: Turbococcois the more upbeat, pop taste whilst Hasta La vistais characterized by darker atmospheres and more connected to the world of clubbing. After the international collaborations with Ed Sheeran in the remake of Antisocialand with Stormzyonthe 17thof Jannuary 2020 Ghali released BoogiemanFeat Salmo, the first extract of his new album DNA; the song entered the chart at N1 position. In February 2020 Ghali participatedas guest star to the Festival di Sanremopresenting DNAfor the first time with an iconic performance in which he used a stuntman to trick the audience into thinking he had fallen down the stairs of the stage. The 20thFebruary 2020 Ghali released DNAthat proved from the very beginning to be an extraordinary success; the album entered the chart at N°1 and was awarded the recognition of two times platinum within 6 months from its release. Several of the songs inserted in the album became national hits certified by platinum records. In particular Good Timeswas four times platinumand ended up being the most played Italian song on the radio for the entire year. The video of Good Times, recorded for the first time in Italy entirely through Instagram live streaming with fans during the first lockdown, became a symbol of hope and resistance in one of


the darkest moments of the global crisis. Perhaps also for this reason Ghali was selected by the mayor of Milanto realize and present the communication campaign YesMilanoaimed at raising awareness about thesafety regulationsduring the first reopeningpost COVID. On the 13thof November 2020 DNA DELUXE X,a special edition of DNA containing Milf feat.Taxi B, Cacaofeat. Pyrex (already Golden certified) and two new tracks 1993 and MILLEPARE(badtimes), was published.InMarch of 2021 Ghali announced the creation ofUnited Colors of Ghali.a new capsule collection for Benettonand in October Ghali’s song Wallahwas selected to bethe soundtrack for McDonald’s new campaign;for the first time in Italy a song in Arabic was chosenfor a massive media campaign.On the 8thof April 2022 Ghali published Waloand announced the release of his new album SENSAZIONE ULTRAat the end of a live performance broadcasted on TikTok. SENSAZIONE ULTRA was released the 20thof May 2022; the album mixes international artists such as London On Da Trackand Ronny Jwith icons of the national hip hop movement such as Madame and Marracash and new raising stars of Italian music such as Axell, Baby Gang and Digital Astro


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