Brussels Expo can look back over a prestigious history. The infrastructure of its Exhibition Halls is indeed a legacy of the Brussels World Fairs of 1935 and 1958. Its buildings therefore stand as testimony of the exceptional architecture that thrived in Brussels in the 1930s: Art Deco. The infrastructure was further expanded over the years to meet the needs of the market, reaching 115,000 sqm, making it the largest infrastructure of its kind in Belgium.

Hall 5 is its symbolic figure, along with the adjacent halls, built around the water feature.

In 2013, Hall 12 was completely transformed into a sophisticated concert hall and show venue that can also serve as high-capacity convention hall. The opening of Hall 12 was a turning point in the Brussels Expo activities, which now also include an “entertainment” division.

In 2015, Brussels Expo announced that it will be channelling significant investments into the renovation of its infrastructures, mainly to improve the comfort and reception of the public.